Four Reasons to Get A High-Def Headset

October 15, 2018 ·


There’s an old saying in business that “the numbers don’t lie”. That is certainly true when discussing the advantages of using high-definition audio headsets to serve your drive-thru customers. This revolutionary drive-thru part offers the following:


Feature                                                          Benefit

2x the audio bandwidth                              Improved order accuracy

20% increase in intelligibility                      Improved speed of service

44% less inbound noise                             Reduced employee ear fatigue

88% less outbound noise                           Better customer experience


If you’re ready to step up to the finest in drive-thru parts sound quality, CE offers complete HME EOS | HD headset systems, including all accessories, at very competitive prices. We also stock a wide variety of other HME drive-thru parts ranging from base stations to battery chargers, belt pacs and more.


When you need drive-thru parts repairs done right the first time, be sure to take advantage of our free inbound shipping offer.


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