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Do’s and Don’ts for Drive-Thru Mobile Ordering

September 16, 2019 ·

These days, more drive-thru customers are looking to place their orders before they arrive at your restaurant. If you’re thinking about adding this service, here’s what to do and what not to do to make it work.

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Three Tips to Improve Your Line Busting Techniques

September 03, 2019 ·

If you’re still sending crewmembers out into the queue with a pencil and paper during busy dayparts, it’s time to update your linebusting methods.

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TOOS – The New “Must-Have” Drive-Thru Part

February 11, 2019 ·


In the drive-thru world, the demand for mobile ordering is growing by leaps and bounds. Many drive-thrus are already accepting phone and Internet orders. But millions of younger consumers are now insisting on ordering with their smart phones – which is good for drive-thrus and their customers.


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Catch a New Generation of Drive-Thru Customers with Mobile Ordering

January 07, 2019 ·

In case you haven’t noticed, young people do just about everything on their smart phones these days – including ordering from fast food drive-thrus. If you want them to order from your drive-thru, you’d better having a branded smart phone app for your restaurant or chain. If you’re in the process of developing one, make sure your app:

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