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Does Your Headset Vendor Offer an EIP?

August 05, 2019 ·

Headsets are one of the most important drive-thru parts. But as any drive-thru operator knows, they can take a beating. Most repairs are covered under the warranty until it expires. But what happens if a headset falls into a sink full of water or (heaven forbid!) gets dropped into the deep fryer? That’s where an Equipment Incident Plan (EIP) can be a lifesaver by protecting drive-thru parts that get damaged by accident.

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Four Reasons to Get A High-Def Headset

October 15, 2018 ·


There’s an old saying in business that “the numbers don’t lie”. That is certainly true when discussing the advantages of using high-definition audio headsets to serve your drive-thru customers. This revolutionary drive-thru part offers the following:


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Save Money with CE Branded Drive-Thru Parts

July 30, 2018 ·

Everyone knows Costco is a great place to shop. You can save money on name brands on a wide variety of products. But if you’re looking to save even more, you can buy their “house brand” (Kirkland) products. And you know you won’t be sacrificing quality because Costco has high standards for its branded products.

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Get Quality Drive-Thru Headset Parts at CE Repairs

May 01, 2017 ·

When one of your drive-thru headsets malfunctions or quits working altogether, you need replacement parts fast. To meet the needs of drive-thru operators everywhere, CE Repairs maintains a full inventory of drive-thru headset parts for HME, Panasonic and 3M. We repair and sell new and refurbished parts for the following headset models:

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Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Drive-Thru Headset Parts

January 03, 2017 ·

When a major drive-thru headset part, such as your headset or timer system breaks down, it can be a disaster for today’s busy drive-thru operations. That’s why CE Repairs offers same-day repair service on most of what we fix.

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Why I Keep a Cabled Drive-Thru Intercom System on Hand

December 19, 2016 ·

As a QSR owner and operator for many years, I like to keep my drive-thru lane equipped with the latest drive-thru system technologies, such as high-definition headsets, digital menuboards, and the latest in drive-thru timers. Not only does this enable my staff to work more efficiently, it also sends a message to customers that we’re committed to giving them the best drive-thru experience possible.

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