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We Don’t Just Say Thank You to Our Customers, We Show It!

April 13, 2020 ·

Experienced drive-thru operators know that one of the most important parts of a great drive-thru experience is saying “thank you” to every customer as they pull out of the lane. At CE Repairs, we believe in showing our appreciation for your business in several ways. These include:

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Save Money With CE-Branded Batteries

February 24, 2020 ·

These days, most headsets and other drive-thru parts are wireless. Which means you need a good supply of replacement or recharged batteries on hand in case they run out of juice during busy dayparts.

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Free Headset Battery Offer from CE Repairs

November 04, 2019 ·


Headset batteries are a “must have” drive-thru part. Losing power for your customer communication tool can be a disaster, which is why it’s always good to have backup batteries just in case.


CE makes it easier and more affordable to keep a supply of these essential drive-thru parts on hand with our FREE Drive-Thru Battery Special. When you purchase 3 CE brand batteries for any HME, Panasonic, or 3M system, we’ll include a 4th drive-thru battery free of charge. You can choose from the following CE batteries:


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