Beginning 12/17/18, Commercial Electronics will have a new home.   Please update your records that all correspondence will need to be directed to:

3787 Rider Trail S.  Earth City MO 63045.

Thank you!


Drive-Thru Repair Technical Support

Need help with a quick technical question? Got a small problem that might not warrant a full-blown drive-thru repair? Give us a call at 877-731-0334, and our helpful drive-thru repair experts will answer your technical questions free of charge.


Free Inbound Shipping On Drive-Thru Repairs

If your issue can’t be handled over the phone, don’t worry. CE offers free inbound shipping on all drive-thru repairs. Just fill out a quick form online and get free inbound shipping labels.

Free Shipping On All Inbound Repairs

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Can't Wait for the Repair? Advance Exchange Available

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Same Day Repair Service or it's Free

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Free, Live Tech Support on All Brands & Models

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