5 Tips to Motivate Your Drive-Thru Employees

January 13, 2020 ·

Keeping your drive-thru parts in good working order is a top priority for QSRs. Keeping employees engaged and motivated is just as important. Here’s are 5 ways to do it:


1.    Set clear goals. Tell employees what you expect of them on the job. Then make sure they have the knowledge and skills to do it.

2.    Provide regular feedback. Let crewmembers know what they are doing well and where they can improve.

3.    Reward employees when they achieve the goals. Gift cards and other non-cash rewards are great motivators. Say “thank you” frequently for a job well done.

4.    Allow for flexible scheduling. Part-time crewmembers, such as parents or college students, will especially appreciate being able to work around their other responsibilities.

5.    Provide cross-training. This breaks up the monotony and gives employees a chance to earn more money by developing more skills.


Another way to get the best from your employees is to equip them with quality drive-thru parts that make their jobs easier and more efficient. At CE, we repair drive-thru parts and equipment of all makes and models. The next time you need fast, professional repairs, call us at 877-731-0334.

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