Purchase any 3 CE brand batteries for any HME, Panasonic,
or 3M system and get a 4th drive-thru battery free!


Add 3 CE brand drive-thru batteries for the same system to your cart and a FREE 4th drive-thru battery

will be added to your order. Just enter the promo code at checkout.

CE Batteries for use with Systems


CE Battery for Wireless IQ            CE Battery for System 2000         CE Battery for System 400



CE Batteries for use with Systems


CE Battery for Attune                      CE Battery for WX-C920                 CE Battery for WX-C1020



CE Batteries for use with 3M®* Systems

*CE-960 Battery does not qualify for the promotion



CE-960 Battery

CE Battery for XT-1                          CE Battery for C1060                  CE Battery for C960     

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