Video Maintenance Tutorials for Drive-Thru Parts

December 16, 2019 ·


People learn in different ways, but the fact is most people are visual learners.  When they see what they’re learning, they pick up the material quicker, at a deeper level of understanding.


That’s why CE Repairs offers tutorial maintenance videos on our Drive-Thru Repair Help Center page. These videos cover a variety of procedures regarding perhaps the most important drive-thru part – your headset system.

·         How to register an ION IQ headset to an ION IQ base station

·         How to register an ION IQ belt-pac to an ION IQ base station

·         How to change the language on an AIO headset

  • How to set up reminders
  • And more!


The videos are short and easy to follow. The technician explains the process while showing what to do. And you don’t even have to download the videos. You can watch them directly from the video page with one click of the mouse.


When you need a refresher course on ION headset basics, be sure to watch the videos. When you need fast, professional repairs for your drive-thru parts and equipment, be sure to give us a call at 877-731-0334.


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