Keep Your Drive-Thru Going Full Speed During Peak Holiday Hours

December 9, 2019 ·

The holiday season can be a busy time for drive-thrus as shoppers drop by for a bite to eat after a long shopping excursion. To keep your drive-thru lane moving smoothly and efficiently:


·         Make sure all drive-thru parts and equipment – headsets, timer systems, etc. – are in good working  order. Have backups on hand in case a critical part goes down.


·         Have extra staffing available to fill in when necessary.


·         Make sure crewmembers know how to prepare and package any specialty items you offer during the holiday season.


·         Encourage mobile orders by Internet or your social media app. Designate a special pickup area so customers who order remotely don’t clog the lane.


·         Accept mobile payments. Swiping a phone app rather than fumbling through a purse or wallet can shave time off the payment step.


Our goal at  CE is to keep your drive-thru operating smoothly. If you need quick drive-thru part repairs, take advantage of our advance exchange, free in-bound shipping and 24-hour service for fast, reliable repairs.

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