How to Keep Your Menuboard the Way Customers Want It

February 18, 2020 ·

The menuboard is usually the first thing people see when they pull into a drive-thru. To make a good initial impression with your menuboard:


1.    Keep it simple. Too much information can confuse customers and slow down the ordering process.


2.    Keep it well designed and organized. Clean visuals and grouping similar menu items together make it quick and easy for customers to order.


3.    Keep it accurate. Make sure all pricing, specials and other types of information are correct, especially after making changes.


4.    Keep it clean. Keep the glass clean at all times to ensure good visibility. Provide good lighting at night so customers don’t strain to read the menu.


Serving the food items on your menuboard in a timely and efficient manner requires having drive-thru parts and equipment that are in good working order. That’s where CE Repairs can help.


We keep things simple by focusing our repairs on the drive-thru parts that are critical to your operations. We also offer:



For drive-thru parts repairs you can count on, call CE Repairs at 877-731-0334.

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