Give Your Drive-Thru Customers a Great Experience Every Time

January 20, 2020 ·

The New Year is a good time to get back to basics in the drive-thru. That means taking a few moments to refocus on the key elements of a successful drive thru-operation. To keep customers coming back:


·         Get the order right.

Nothing irks customer more than driving off the lot and finding out you got the order wrong.


·         Serve it up fast.

This requires making sure your crew is well-trained and your drive-thru parts are in good working order.


·         Serve it fresh.

Customers don’t want food that has been sitting under the heat lamp. During busy day parts, you may need to prepare some items slightly ahead of time. But whenever possible, don’t start the order until it is placed.


·         Keep your drive-thru clean.

Especially on the outside. When people sitting in the queue see a dirty, grimy drive-thru lane, they start wondering what the kitchen is like.


·         Treat your employees well.

Treat your crewmembers with respect and make the job fun. In turn, they will treat your customers right.


·         Always say thank you before customers leave the lot!


At CE, we treat our employees right so you can count on fast, professional drive-thru parts repairs every time. We offer same-day service and free inbound shipping on all drive-thru parts and equipment you send in for repair. Call us today at 877-731-0334.

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