Get Fast, Affordable and Reliable Drive-Thru Parts Repairs with CE

January 6, 2020 ·

Headsets, timer systems, and other drive-thru parts are great when they work well. But one thing you can’t afford is the down time that occurs when a part needs repair or replacing. To keep your drive-thru up and running, CE’s drive-thru parts repairs are:


FAST: CE Advance Exchange Program

When you need drive-thru part repairs right away, we’ll ship a replacement part overnight – before you even send us your broken equipment. After receiving the replacement part, send us the part needing repair and we’ll fix it fast. Call 877-731-0334 for details.


AFFORDABLE: CE Drive-Thru Parts Protection Plan

Our Equipment Maintenance Agreements (EMAs) offer unlimited drive-thru part repairs for one monthly fee. The plans cover all HME, 3M and Panasonic drive-thru products. They make it easy to budget for repair costs. And they give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your parts and equipment are covered.


RELIABLE: CE Drive-Thru Repair Warranty

Few things are worse than getting a drive-thru part back from a repair vendor and having it break down again a few days later. At CE, we back all our repairs with a 4-month warranty. (Some restrictions and conditions apply).


We take pride in fixing your broken equipment right the first time and we fix them to last!

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